Terms and Conditions

Ordering goods

You can order the goods by e-mail, phone, or by usual order form attached to each item. The same communication channels are at your disposal anytime when you would like to ask us for further details (informations) about related (particular) product/s from our products range.

In case you are decided to order our goods, please provide all your details/references we need for despatch (name and surname, delivery address, invoice address, phone and e-mail. Keep in mind, that e-mail order needs more informations, such as exact product name, product description, code (hence you can use direct website link – which will make your order as easy as it gets under current online website environment. If you will order the goods by order form, there is no need to provide more informations, because of automatic script linked to each item/s. In case you will use air transport according to your complete delivery to your destination/address, you need to provide the closest airport destination to your address (outside the Czech republic country and Central Europe). Firm order is in process only after agreement from the purchaser (customer). It´s you to decide if you can accept the final total cost and freight cost regarding your order. So, the purchase agreement is instantly generated by your acceptance of the total cost and freight charge regarding your order.


As soon as we will receive your order, we will provide detailed informations regarding freight charge (separate additional cost). The freight cost depends on many factors, such as weight of the delivery, dimensions of the package, overall volume and recipient destination. The delivery services will be provided by our external carrier. In case you would like to use your own delivery services personal account, just let us know, it´s up to you what will be best option for your delivery.

Delivery services will contact the recipient and will provide any informations about app. Delivery date, tracking, unloading. Purchaser (customer) agrees to accept the delivery from delivery services incl. delivery date. If the customer will refuse the delivery at a recipient address, sanctions by seller will affect additional customer´s expenses (additional freight costs from returned goods).

Shipment Insurance

The goods delivered by external delivery services is carefully packed and insured.

Delivery date

Leadtime regarding the delivery date is app. 1- 6 weeks since the date of your payment.

Export permission

Certain type of goods require special export permission, which means longer delivery date. The delay caused by this permission will take another 1-2 weeks. The seller is not responsible for any type of delays caused by customs clerance process or export permission paperwork. In case these conditions will affect the usual delivery date, the seller will instantly inform the customer about these circumstances by e-mail or phone.


The purchaser (customer) cannot withdraw from purchase agreement under export permission circumstances they are in already in process. In case of any violation of this rule, customer will be affected by additional expenses related to costs for export permission paperwork. The customer can withdraw from purchase agreement before sending the goods to recipient address and the seller will return the full amount of total cost (incl. freight) to customer without any delay (at latest 1 week after withdrawal from purchae agreement/firm order). The purchaser (customer) ha the right to withdraw from purchase agreement without any particular resaon (14 days at latest/from takeover). If so, the purchaser (customer) is obliged to return the goods back to seller without further delay at their own expense and is responsible for properly packed package / delivery.

Withdrawal from purchase agreement must be provided in writing from with references such a date of takeover and return policy. A soon a the goods will be delivered to seller’s destination, full amount for the goods will be returned to the purchaser (customer) by usual bank transfer. The freight cost is not a part of returned amount and will be not paid to purchaser.

Payment conditions

The best and only method that can be used is usual bank transfer, please use the following company account for any transfer related to our business cooperations and shipments: 249327746/0300 by CSOB. In case you are a foreign customer, use the following bank references

  • IBAN: CZ85 0300 0000 0002 4932 7746
  • BIC (swift) code: CEKOCZPP.

In case you will decide to visit us personally in our local branch, you can pay by credit card or cash. We accept most of the usual credit cards used on local and foreign market: VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express. Even the freight can be paid by cash directly in our branch.

Goods defects, damageds, warranty

Keep in mind that we do business with used items and that´s the reason why we cannot provide any standard warranty. The Seller is responsible only for defects and damages caused by customer´s finding during receipt of shipment and aren´t a standard part of good description on website. If you will find any additional defects and damages caused by delivery services, the delivery services agency will be responsible for these particular damages.


Seller is updating website environment of the e-shop frequently according to his needs. Our listed good complies to our offer. In case we will receive your order for goods which is still displayed on our website and is in fact delisted, the seller will inform the purchaser about this issue without any further delay and the seller is instantly authorised to cancel this particular order completely.

Personal data

Your personal data are used only for smooth business cooperation between the seller and purchaser and are important only for online shopping and business correlation between seller and purchaser. Personal data of each customer aren’t provided to third party companies.

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